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Ark the specter boy

Arcane | Published thu Jul 05, 2018 11:57 am | 1566 Views

Hello everyone!

Today i am bringing you the first Article wich will be about the new class Ark wich i now have tested and i will share some thoughts from my time playing it!

Ark is a High flora class as most people probably know by now, he was betrayed and left for dead in the desert after horrific experiments done to him. You follow ark as you try to recover memories of what really have happend to you, and why you hear a voice slowly trying to eat your body! The voice talking is a specter!

Ark is a pirate class that been possessed by a specter while his superiors where doing a specter ritual on him, but thanks to a brave friend Ark was saved from being swallowed by this specter and wakes up in the wastelands of a planet called Verdel. On Verdel Ark meets up with some rather funny characters and Ark decides to help them get off the planet. 

The prequests to leave Verdel took me almost 45minutes to 1 hour but i took it slow and enjoyed the story!

After you get out of Verdel you end up in savage terminal (Cadenas world) where you will do a few quests to say good bye to your friends (the odd characters from Verdel) since they are gonna look for their paradise and Ark hope to see them one day in that paradise.

Ark is a really strong and mobile class, you charge up the magical bullets and shoot them out to gain different buffs. 

Would i suggest others to play this class?

Yes! I got my Ark to level 200 in 1 day its a really fun and strong class so if you enjoy damage dealers this class is for you!

Ark uses knuckles as their main weapon and you never see the knuckle cause your gigantic specter arm covers it up! (However you can hide your specter arm by using nx items!)

Ark has a link skill that is really handy! aslong as your in battle you gain damage! 

What are your opinion on Ark? Have you tried it? will you try it? 


I know this was a really short article but, i hope you enjoyed it anyway!


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