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Eu Reboot server and 25 stars is coming to global maplestory

Arcane | Published mon Jul 16, 2018 7:10 pm | 1124 Views

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another article! In this article i will be writing about the coming Eu Reboot server that has been highly anticipated by many players that quitted Luna quite some time ago, and actually (in my opinion probably gave up hope on ever see this day!)

Let us start with 25 starforce!

Now many players have released guides and videos where they talk about optimal gear for the new starforce increase. If you search 25 starforce global maplestory on youtube there should be some videos, IF your intressted in how the endgame players discuss this new starforce increase!

My own speculation on how the 25 starforce will be after it has been released, for starters there will be tons and tons of players going to look for the same items they potentially destroy cause they aim for 20+ starforce. Ofcourse i might be completely wrong in this reguard but i still think this might be one of the ways this release of 25 starforce has on players.

On the otherhand there might be players who have already prepared for this increase for months already, but we wont know, i personally wish all players good luck on their endeavors to get to 20+ stars!

Now lets move onto rEUboot server!

I personally have been waiting 3~4 years for reboot to come to the european side of maple! I was destroyed when we didnt get it on ems and then we where gonna merge with gms instead, and in the moment i read the notice about the migration i thought "YES, we will have Kradia, Demethos and Reboot" but that ofcourse didnt happend and we got Luna ATLEAST! im happy that we have had luna, sadly i gotta say that this has not been an easy gms time for me atleast. Our economy is screwed, our player base is slowly but steadily decreasing (hopefully it will get players back for rEUboot) but we will see! I just hope that we will see an small increase of players once again!

I personally will be on reboot starting over just to hopefully get something more to do then the current dailies and some weekly bosses i do currently on luna! (i know one day i will be in the same position on Reboot BUT it will take time and thats what gives me motivation to play Reboot). 

So What are your expectations about the 25 starforce increase and the rEUboot server?
Tell us in the thread over on the forum called "25 stars and rEUboot article discussion"

Thanks for reading and i will be back soon with another article!


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