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Maplestory 2

Arcane | Published sun Jul 22, 2018 9:39 am | 1088 Views

The second closed beta of maplestory 2 has been opened since this week! 
In this new closed beta the ms2 staff decided to open up the merit shop, mushking royal, alot of new side quests and new raids!

I was part of the first round of beta, i enjoyed the cute monsters that i recognise from the normal maplestory game. This time they came back in the form of 3D monsters and i could not have more fun actually slashing them up from all over the place!

Now during closed beta 2 i will be testing the classes i didnt have time to try out properly during the first closed beta. The question is just what class i will be focusing most on when the game comes for official release? 

Have you decided on a main already or are you still trying to figure it out?

Now over to the other things they have added into the second closed beta lets cover so called "world quests" these are quests that are availible all over the maple world. How do you recognise this so called "world quests"? Well the NPCs (No Player Character) will have a big BLUE ! above their head. They comes in all things to do, so far i only tried out 5 in total cause i havent had time to play that much of maplestory 2! But one thing is that in my opinion this is a great addition to the world of maplestory, and i hope that more then me will enjoy this additional content.

They also have added in for just this weekend in the "Mushking Royal" wich is their take on the Battle Royal genre of games. Community Manager Cuddles made a video explaining the Mushking Royal you can watch it here:

Before i round up this article i hope that you all that got accepted into the closed beta 2 will be having fun and making new friends, that you will be playing with during the official release!


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