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Global Maplestory event server "LAB"

Arcane | Published thu Aug 23, 2018 10:39 am | 1054 Views

Hello everyone! The lab server has now been around for a while and i had a blast (read horrible deadly journey) while exploring the lab server!

ON the first day i kept dieing like seven times and day two and three it kept repeating itself BUT however i managed to get to 150 and killed myself cause you needed to kill yourself to get the new level 200 quest and VL quest.

But after five days of constant trial and error i managed to get to level 200 finally! Then i killed myself to get back to level 10 and kill von leon wich i did!

Now i have left the lab server on my level 11 character or something cause i am done YES done with the server i dont wanna touch it anymore i done the quests needed for the legion blocks and the nx hat so i feel accomplished.

So the classed i did on lab was:

So have you tried lab already? or maybe you gonna skip it? Well anyhow even tho it was painful to keep resetting and resetting and resetting back to level 10 it was a "fun" experience and i hope that it will some day in the future come again JUST to torture our poor heart and souls!

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