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V.199 Darkness Looms update

Arcane | Published fri Oct 05, 2018 11:49 am | 1150 Views

Yesterday was the patch day for maplestory v199 patch. It brought alot of changes like V-Sync option:

Aswell as alot of bug fixes and some class buffs, BUT the biggest change of it all for alot of players and especially Reboot players was the REMOVAL of the Singapore area that has been around for many many years!

Why Reboot players might react more then the rest of the player base is cause Singapore held the map Mysterious Path 3 also known as MP3 for short. This map was one of the best meso farming spots and now players are trying to find new places that can yield some good meso income. 

But as we say goodbye to Singapore area we need to look forward towards next month when the version 200 patch that brings Black Mage, new 5th job skills, new area, new missions and alot more is coming. 

Sadly for my part this patch brought not much "content" wise to the table as it only brought some events, a coinshop and a black mage update hotweek that is coming in the end of October.

If you wanna read the patch notes you can do so here:

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