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Head start of maplestory 2 is here!

Arcane | Published fri Oct 05, 2018 12:02 pm | 1093 Views

Yes the maplestory 2 headstart has begun and with it the official release is coming in just 5 days! Exciting to think that in 5 days the game gets a new job, area, area bosses(?) and much more! 

There have been a nummer of changes already since 1st and 2nd beta, i found out that alot of blocks for house building cost absolutly nothing (even some of the merit ones!). They have made so that expanding your housing area is completly free! So dont hesitate to expand and build to your hearts content!

Rune Blader is the new class that is coming on the 10th wich is a class im looking forward to try out and hopefully will enjoy playing as!

The past days of headstarts i been taking it slow with leveling, building my house, working on my life skills and just taking in the game and all its mechanics and social aspects. (with social aspects i mean mini games, hangouts in town, visiting others houses.) But as we all know from maplestory 1 there isnt only good things that came with this headstart!

In a few hours of the headstart opening its doors we could see smegas from bots selling mesos, leveling services and more, but unlike in maplestory PC they are now even more persistent and i can be online for 5 minutes and see about 15 smegas with these types of messages. I just hope that nexon will be put in some type of protection for us players that MAYBE dont wanna have this spammed on us all the time. Yes i know we can make a new chattab and block out smegas but some smegas can be "important" like "Hey looking for a guild xxx guild is recruiting" So yea we will see what happends!

But 5 more days of headstart and i aim to make 1 character atleast level 50 before official release but slowly!

Read more about the headstart here:

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