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The changes to maplestory 2

Admin | Published sun Oct 21, 2018 11:50 am | 1101 Views

So earlier this week Jungsoo Lee made a blog post about all the changes maplestory 2 was going through. You can read the blog here:


So we can see more and more changes being made to the game, and alot of these changes are more then welcomed by the community. 

- changes to style crates.

- discussion about the fairfight system.

- adding more weapon templates, for more customizable weapon designs.

There is ofcourse more stuff coming to maplestory 2. The update on October 18th added Halloween events with some fun stuff that you can get!

They are trying to battle the meso seller and spam bots, and according to Jungsoo Lee they banned over 6000 characters during the first week! But Lee also assured that they keep working on countermessures to the sellers and the botters so maybe one day they will be gone. 

Read all about the halloween update to the game from October 18th here:


They are also preparing to make changes to the dungeon limit in the November update, you can read the blogpost here:


The fact that this game is only abit over 1 week old makes these changes and more looking brighter for the future to come!

I will continue to enjoy the game of Maplestory 2 cause so far i have a blast ingame!

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