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Maplestory v200 Black Patch!

Arcane | Published tue Nov 20, 2018 6:48 pm | 262 Views

So its finally here, the big December patch for Global MapleStory that alot of maplers have been waiting for!

This patch contains:

Patch notes can be found here:

So the black patch has finally come to GMS! But this is ofcourse part 1 of the black mage update. With this update we got some nice changes, skill changes, level speed reduction, tera burning and quite a few Quality of Life changes!

So the first thing i am gonna mention is the "Gather Determination" that is currently going on in Maple, you accept the quest and each day you need to gather 10000 Desire (Takes me with no kish roughly 15 minutes max!) You get a use item wich you place on your map and then the monsters will start dropping balls of Determination. The balls are colored Blue, Red and Green and ontop of your window after you placed the use item there will be a window showing which balls you need to gather to take back to the placed item. The amount vary from 1 to 5 balls of each. Example you need to collect 1 blue and 2 green, or 2 blue, 4 green and 5 red. You get the idea! Everytime you manage to collect and bring back the balls to the item an explosion that damage the monsters around will occur and determination will drop to the floor ready for you to loot.

The second change i will mention is the exp curve change that has happend, all characters between 200-220 have had their exp curve changed. The change have made it so it is easier to level up between these levels! Wich is awesome in my opinion, cause i personally dislike the level 200-210 levels so much!

The third subject is the Tera burning event wich is like a normal burning event except your character will be burning status between 10-200! and you dont have to do any prequest for the fifth job advancement with this burning character! You also get the usual burning set (level 100), free snail pet BUT you also get a free level 150 set inclueding weapon that lasts for 30 days! You also when you reach 200 and get fifth job you will have a title with time limited stats waiting for you!

The fourth change is the new beta testing for a new higher resolution! I have not been able to test it out yet but will do eventually, but im happy that they are working on making maplestory availible for higher resolutions! You can read about the new resolution in the patch notes or press this link:

The last point i will be mentioning is the QoL or Quality of Life changes that was added in this patch!

*They have changed so that burning fields will be between level 5 and up to level 10 after maintenances, this change is great for everyone that loves to grind to atleast have 50% extra exp after a maintenance is awesome! 

*The skill window was changed and you can now view allmost all skills in the same window, depending how many skills you have on your class.

*They changed chicken dance minigame wich im abit sad about i liked when it had 20 stages, but now its 10 stages and you are done. 

*They finally added the last guild skill, the skill gives reward points everytime you gain contribution! This skill have been awaited by alot of players!

They added alot more QoL improvements but you can read all of them in the patch notes or by clicking this link:

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